Outdoor Spaces

  • Alumni Square Courtyard

    Alumni Square Courtyard

    is located outside the Alumni Square complex. It is a brick walkway from O Street to N Street

  • Copley lawns

    Copley lawns

    is located outside the Copley Hall. Its one of the largest green spaces on campus

  • Healy lawns

    Healy lawns

    is located outside the Healy Hall

  • Mid Campus Terrace

    Mid Campus Terrace

    is an outdoor space located between the third floor of the Rafik B. Hariri Building and the Leavey Center

  • Red Square

    Red Square

    is located next to the Intercultural Center

  • White Gravenor

    White Gravenor

    is located outside the White Gravenor Hall



  • is handled by the University's Special Events office as directed by GEMS. Tables and chairs can be provided for rental and delivery fee.
  • Tablecloths are not provided but it is recommended that the requestor consider obtaining them. 


  • is not permitted between 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday in recognition of academic priorities. 
  • At other times, amplified sound will be monitored.

NOTE: Whenever the Leavey Esplanade is scheduled for an event which involves amplified sound, consideration must be given to the patients in the hospital, guests in the Conference Center and offices in the Leavey Tower.

AMPLIFIERS OR LIGHTING EQUIPMENT drawing more than 20 amps or requiring special electrical service must be approved by Georgetown University's Electrical Shop. An electric technician may be required to be on site at the discretion of the Electrical Shop at the sponsor's expense.