Copley Formal Lounge

Copley Formal Lounge is located inside Copley Hall. This space is available to internal and external clients, and accessible between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 a.m. The lounge is considered within the living space of Georgetown University students and, as such, the activities held in them must be approved. Please note that reservations cannot begin before 8:00 am – this includes any setup such as catering or audiovisual vendors.

Food is permitted inside the lounge. Caterers may only set up in the Copley Formal Lounge or in the pantry area. The pantry and Red Square Tent is available by request. Staging is not permitted in any other location, including the first-floor hallway or the back stairwell in Copley. The lift cannot be used to transport equipment.

Alcohol is permitted with appropriate permissions and guidelines

Audiovisual Services: Limited audiovisual services are available in Copley – projector, screen, blu-ray disc player, sound system and podium microphone. Our office also provides an HDMI or VGA connection for compatible laptops. If you are using a Mac laptop, you will need to also bring an adapter with you. A minimal usage fee will be applicable to assist with our office with maintenance costs.  

Sound Amplification should be appropriate to the size of the lounge and its location within a living area.

Accessibility: Please contact GEMS in advance for assistance with wheelchairs. All catering and vendor load-in require stairs.