Event Planning 101

Follow this process to ensure the success of your upcoming events:

Step #1

Set a time and date for your event.

Step #2

Define your number of guests.

Step #3

Find the necessary tools and information.

*This site is the best way to get you started!

Step #4

Check availability and request a space

*Please note that we have a four-business day policy for space reservations.

Go to online reservation system

Step #5

Select your event needs.

*Once you log in to eventspace.georgetown.edu, the system will allow you to choose equipment, table and chair setting, etc.

Go to online reservation system

Step #6

Wait for a response from our staff.

*The process can take from 3 to 10 business days, depending on the number of requests we’re dealing with at the moment.

Step #7

Send additional information.

Step #8

Receive final confirmation.