Policies and Procedures

To ensure no fees are assessed, a minimum notice of four business days is required for most reservation cancellations. Releasing the space provides the option for other groups to use it. As space is in high demand, cancellations should be made in a timely manner. To ensure no fees are assessed, a minimum notice of four business days is required for most reservation cancellations.  For purposes of cancellations and modifications, business days are regular business operation days, Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and university holidays.  Cancellations can be completed via the online reservation system.  If the client is unable to access the online request system, an email can be sent to eventmanagement@georgetown.edu.  

Equipment Orders must be ordered at least 4 business days prior to the start of your reservation date. Since the equipment is ordered via an external vendor, not stored on campus,  it is important that these orders are submitted in advance. Any requests made after this point are not guaranteed.

Rain site locations must be scheduled and coordinated in advance of the event. Rainsites should be selected prior to the day of your event. In the instance of inclement weather, any equipment will be moved indoors. Rain calls must be made 3 hours prior to the reservation start time.  If you choose to not have a rain site and you have ordered equipment and there is inclement weather expected, GEMS reserves the right to not set up the equipment.

Multiple Bookings are allowed by GEMS as well as for the purpose of blanket holds.  With these types of reservations, cancellations of any unneeded spaces must occur at least four business weeks prior to the first booking date.  Because of high demand, this is also applicable to our formal spaces, Gaston Hall, Copley Formal Lounge, ICC Auditorium and Galleria, as well as Lohrfink Auditorium, even if there is only one booking associated with the reservation. If the cancellation is not submitted at least (4) weeks prior to the event date, GEMS reserves the right to assess charges as follows:

  • Four business weeks – 50% of the estimated invoice
  • Two business weeks – 75% of the estimated invoice
  • Four business days – 100% of the estimated invoice

No Shows are any unannounced absence or cancellation. In addition to applicable estimated invoice fee(s), a $50 cancellation fee will be added.

University Closings can be unexpected. Since most equipment is delivered daily via a third party vendor, decisions to host events during unanticipated University closings will incur all applicable rental fees. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.