COVID-19 Resources

Note: Guidance on campus is rapidly changing. Dr. Mishori’s office has final authority on COVID-19. This page is intended to assist event planners in complying with campus health rules. However, those rules may change at any time. The COVID-19 Resource Center has the latest guidance.


  • Make a Covid-19 Event Plan for each event.
  • Food and Drink: Indoor dining is not recommended.
  • Indoor capacity is reduced to 75% of normal occupancy. Plan for a larger or outdoor space. (75% as of March 17, 2022)

What to Include in Your Event Plan

  • Track attendance with tickets using Eventbrite or Google Forms.
  • Use assigned seating to assist with contact tracing.
  • Indoor masking is highly recommended for dense indoor events. Presenters may remove their masks at their own discretion. Masks are optional in most places on campus.
  • Wear a high quality well fitted mask (N95, KN95, KF94). Masks are available for free across campus, including most event spaces.
  • Maintain all public health measures as described in the form.
  • All outside guests (NON-GEORGETOWN) must show proof of vaccination and register via the COVID-19 Visitor Portal. Anyone with a valid GoCard is exempt from this requirement.

Food and Drink

This is guidance on what is most desirable to least desirable to the public health team. Less desirable options may be blocked by the public health team.

  • No Food and Drink.
  • Food/ Drink (or sit-down) outdoors (in tents or not in tents) – Consider a masked session inside then move outside for a reception or meal. Contact GEMS for recommended space pairings, such as Lohrfink Auditorium and Midcampus Terrace.
  • No Indoor Sit-down – Grab and Go – get “take out” or “brown bag” food inside and eat outside.
  • Indoor Meals (if low density, unmasking only while eating and drinking).