Gaston Hall

Gaston Hall is located inside the Healy Building and has a total seating capacity of 743 people.

Because it is surrounded by administrative and faculty offices, requestors are asked and encouraged to respect the needs of others in the building. This space is only available to internal clients

The Corridor in the Old North Building immediately behind Gaston Hall, the dressing rooms, hallways and lobby are not to be used as support space or supplemental rehearsal space for Gaston Hall. Due to fire regulations, the door leading to the corridor must remain open during the event.

No Food, Beverages, or Beverage Containers are permitted in Gaston Hall. Violation of this may result in additional fees to cover any and all damage or clean-up.

Audiovisual Services: Our office does not provide audiovisual services for Gaston Hall. You may contact private vendors for audiovisual services.  We do ask that you inform our office of your selected vendor as this information will be added to your event file.

Want a better look at what Gaston Hall looks like? Take a look at our 360 view below.