McShain Large Lounge

McShain Large Lounge is located in McCarthy Hall near Leo O’Donovan Hall. This space is available to internal clients. 

Audiovisual Services: A projector and screen are available for use in both McShain Large and Small. Our office provides HDMI or VGA cords for compatible laptops. If you are using a Mac laptop, you will need to also bring an adapter with you. A minimal usage fee will be applicable to assist with our office with maintenance costs.  

Amenities: A limited number of rectangular tables, round tables and chairs are available free of charge; pantry, atrium (if both spaces are booked)

Capacity: McShain has capacity for 120 people. To meet public health guidelines, GEMS recommends 60 people for lecture style and 30 people for classroom style.

Want a better look at what McShain Large looks like? Take a look at our 360 view below.